Analysis and research on automation situation of solar welding equipment
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From 2011 to 2012, the 7b reporting period of enthusiastic utilization of Chinese solar energy is similar to that of the past. In the early years, the rapid rural development of "solar energy development belt to the people" has been progressing step by step.
Solar welding equipment automation boost business scale secondary production
Opportunities and new challenges coexist in the solar function of the family planning platform during the 12th five-year plan period
With the introduction of the 12th five-year plan, solar energy has become one of the key industries of the government, and the utilization of solar energy has attracted a lot of attention. All the data war behind the opportunity and the hard work to build the body are the most responsible for the society.
Neck say first festival function reduce growth for the city government political Li Yuanchang standards, sunshine policy related function and the building integration new rural construction of new towns, countries, sunshine function and the combination of affordable housing and so on, big inspired transfer funds sunshine city market space functional reasons, legion will production efficiency higher demands to the function of sunshine enterprise next time will never turn to be submitted in welding the fetter on manufacturing procedures.
2. If some experts outside the solar industry put forward questions about the urban solar market, the certification of solar energy -- the standard of lawless quality to the demand of the urban market will become the future exhibition of green time of wine and red wine in the solar industry. Of course, the question here is not established, to improve the personal experience of the quality of good internal work has become the primary goal of solar energy enterprises, relative to the need for the generation of automation equipment is greater.
A good workman must first sharpen his tools. The progress and upgrading of life is the deterministic cause of the industrial life situation, but in the changing era of the current situation, life often shows the promotion and localization of equipment above mentioned systems. The lower the incidence rate of grassroots behavior of solar energy production is negative, the company will lead to the responsible mainstream -- industry, the improvement of survival rate and the textile industry to pay attention to the quality, and the automation of equipment is undoubtedly a necessary factor for both sides.

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