Suggest two lines focus on investment opportunities in the field of AOI inspection equipment
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According to a securities research report, machine vision will gradually replace manual detection to escort the improvement of yield of electronic precision equipment. Integrated circuit and LCD panel capacity transfer in full swing, domestic AOI equipment enterprises ushered in demand fulcrum; AOI testing equipment market competition pattern: the global market four world, domestic equipment enterprises to break through; Domestic listed object is scarce, precision test electronics and other domestic AOI testing enterprises are gradually growing.
The bank suggests that the transfer of PCB and FPD industries to mainland China provides fertile soil for the development of downstream detection equipment industry, and suggests that the two lines focus on investment opportunities in AOI detection equipment field:
(1) enterprises with product research and development capability and a certain scale in the field of PCB or FPD, such as precision measurement electronics and jto shares;
(2) key process equipment enterprises in the FPD industrial chain enter AOI field, such as united equipment and zhiyun stock. Considering the company's product layout and the growth rate of downstream industries, the bank recommends precision measurement of electronics.

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